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Laser Tattoo Removal Adelaide

Black Laser Tattoo Removal


Black Laser Tattoo Removal

Black Laser Tattoo Removal

Colour Laser Tattoo Removal

LaserYou is arguably the leading and most experienced Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic in Adelaide. With over 25 years in the Medical/Laser Tattoo Removal industry you are assured the most effective Laser Tattoo Removal treatment possible.

We use the state of the art European Lasers which have the ability to treat all colours including the usually difficult green and blue colour spectrum, and specialise in difficult to remove tattoos. We even remote tattoos that other tattoo removal clinics have not been able to remove effectively.

Our Clients are astounded at the results achieved in as little as 2 sessions for amateur and 5 to 8 for professional tattoos.

Satisfaction and Safety is our guarantee.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The ink molecule in a tattoo is too large for the body to remove. The reason Laser is so effective is that it breaks up this molecule into smaller fragments allowing the body’s lymphatic system to remove it. This process is gradual and you will see the ink fade for at least 2 to 3 months. Although there is slight redness and swelling to the skin following the treatment generally the skin is intact with little or no down time. We can completely remove or fade all or part of your tattoo with no damage to the skin.

Learn more about how Laser Tattoo Removal works here, or contact us here to make a booking.

Laser Tattoo Removal Prices

LaserYou’s proven tattoo removal results using our effective and efficient laser technology means that it may not cost as much as, or take as many sessions as you think to have your tattoo removed.

Whilst our Laser Tattoo Removal Prices are calculated by the amount of ink in the skin, the list below will provide an indication of what price you may expect per session.

  • 2cm x 2cm – $70
  • 4cm x 4cm – $130
  • 5cm x 5cm – $150
  • 8cm x 8cm – $280
  • 12cm x 20cm – $500
  • Half Sleeve – $800

Laser Tattoo Removal Demonstration

Below is a video from LaserYou taken during one of our treatments of a Tattoo removal. Contact Us if you have any questions regarding the laser tattoo removal procedure or would like to make a booking.

Contact us today to make a Laser Tattoo Removal booking, or to enquire about our Laser Tattoo Removal prices.