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How Laser Hair Removal Works

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The laser energy is drawn to colour in the hair follicle heating it to a temperature that destroys its growing capabilities. There is minimal discomfort and no down time.

There are three stages of hair growth – Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (slowing growth) and Telogen (rest phase). The Anagen phase is the time when the hair has the most melanin or colour at the base of the hair follicle and therefore is able to attract the most energy so that it can be effectively treated.

There are some factors that can affect the amount of hair that grows on the body for example gender and hormonal changes but on average 30% of hair follicles are in the Anagen phase at any one time. For this reason a number of treatments are necessary for effective eradication of the hair.

The melanin in the skin also acts as a partial absorber of the applied laser light which means clients should avoid tanning during treatment so that the most optimum energy levels can be reached safely.